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Specializing in creating and crystallizing corporate identities, planning and handling advertising campaigns, we provide an outside point of view to the efforts of selling the client’s products or services.

Creating and/or enhancing our clients identity and image with using thorough knowledge of the relevant market combined with unique creativity.

Establishing Partnerships: 

Establishing partnership through different offerings

Yearly Retained Contracts (revolves around the scope of work)

Add-Hog Contracts 

YEARLY STRATEGY BUILDING - Marketing and Social Media 

Branding Solutions:

1. Corporate ID & branding building

2. Brand marketing

3. Creative solutions for all print materials

4. Media Booking - BTL and ATL solutions

5. Internal Branding

6. Direct and indirect marketing strategies

7. Hosted brainstorming sessions

8. Hands on training to our customized methodology and marketing tools

9. Design solutions for all BTL materials 

Digital Marketing

1. Search engine optimization (SEO)

2. Search engine marketing (SEM)

3. Digital media planning

4. Programmatic buying

5. Performance marketing

6. Social media advertising and analytics

7. Online community management

8. Social media content creation and development

9. Live coverage

10. Social media crisis management

Strategic Content Development

1. Invitation & correspondence

2. Social media literature

3. Web content

4. Crisis communications

5. Marketing materials

6. Internal communications

Work Flow

Agency to Client

Work Flow

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